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March 25th, 2020

Off Ice Development Class


Legs Day!

On the hops focus on getting all the way over the line with speed. Get outside your comfort zone. Try to get as many reps as possible in during the 20 second intervals. 

Use a piece of tape for your line if needed.

2 Foot Hops Side to Side

  • As many hops as possible in 20 seconds
  • 4 Total Reps

1 Foot Hops Side to Side

  • As many hops as possible in 20 seconds
  • 2 Total Reps on each leg

2 Foot Hops Front to Back

  • As many hops as possible in 20 seconds
  • 4 Total Reps

1 Foot Hops Front to Back

  • As many hops as possible in 20 seconds
  • 2 Total Reps on each leg

Calf Jumps

2 sets of 100 jumps

  • Jump as high as possible each rep
  • Very slight knee bend
  • Flex toes towards shin when in the air
  • Snap toes down just before hitting the ground to spring back up

Squat Jump Long Jump

1 total set

  • 1 vertical jump
  • 1 long jump


  • 2 vertical jumps
  • 2 long jumps


  • 3 vertical jumps
  • 3 long jumps

Proceed in the manner all the way up to 8 vertical jump and 8 long jumps then work your way back done to 1 vertical 1 long jump.

Every vertical and long jump should be as high and as far as you can jump.Try to complete this in as little rest as possible



All of the shooting drills today incorporate a stick handling movement before the shot. Preform the stick handling portion first several times before adding the shot. Do not be afraid to get outside your comfort zone and get creative with the stick handling portion. 

When shooting, select a corner/post to aim for. Again be creative and shoot from angles. Simply turning the net on an angle gives you a different prospective.

Shooting & Puck Handling Drill #1: Pull between Legs

  • Fun & fancy exercise that incorporates specific puck control skills - range of motion, toe control, use of feet
  • Feet & hips squared up to shoot, knees bent, chest over your stick, body position set up to shoot before skill move
  • Pull puck behind your feet on your forehand side without changing your feet position

  • Can use either the forehand toe or backhand to pull the puck between your legs, kick the puck up with the inside of your foot
  • Once the puck is kicked or redirected up in front of your feet, use your toe control to pull the puck behind your back foot for better leverage to shoot
  • Eyes up before the first pull behind, eyes up as soon as you get to a shooting position

Shooting & Puck Handling Drill #2: Pull Puck Between Feet, Spin & Shoot

  • Another fun exercise that provides purpose in puck control and shooting body position 
  • Body is lined up with your backhand facing the net, toes/hips face perpendicular away from the net
  • Either toe pull or toe pull + backhand tap the puck between your legs
  • Spin towards the net, minimizing feet movement (less steps the better)

  • After spin, make sure hips and feet get squared up to shoot a side shot
  • Use toe control or backhand to corral and pull the puck to your back foot for better shooting leverage
  • Chest over your stick, knees bent, eyes up

Shooting & Puck Handling Drill #3: Slide Under Stick, Curl & Shoot

  • Triangle setup can be created using a box or bucket and another stick. This is a basic but useful device used to simulate a defender.
  • Chest forward, knees bent in a shooting position to start the exercise
  • Puck gets pushed under the triangle, then toe control to pull the puck around the triangle and into a shooting position

  • Be mindful of your hand positioning as the puck moves under the triangle and away from your body. Hands move closer together to control the puck further away. Hands move apart as the puck gets pulled and you adjust to a shooting position
  • As you pull the puck in, pivot your feet to a side shot position
  • Eyes up to shoot

Shooting & Puck Handling Drill #4: Chip Over Stick Shoot

  • Higher skill level but similar execution as last exercise
  • Pull the puck from your forehand to your backhand to perform the backhand chip. Flatten out your blade on the backhand side to get under the puck easier and elevate in a controlled move
  • After you chip over the triangle, be ready to corral a bouncing puck. Don't worry about making a perfect chip play. It's important to be able to adjust.

  • After you chip over and corral the puck, pull back to your feet or even behind your feet for better shooting leverage
  • Eyes up as soon as you pull the puck back to shoot
  • For all of these exercises, body is in a shooting position before the skill exercise starts - knees bent & chest over stick



  • 90 degree angle with front foot
  • Reach as high as you can to stretch out hip flexor and pause for 2 count
  • Straighten front leg and sink hips towards back foot and reach hands towards toes to stretch hamstring and pause for 2 count
  • 12 reps, repeat with right leg, 2 sets each side

90-90 T-Spine Rotation

  • Lie on your side with your right (or top) knee at 90 degrees with your knee resting on a pillow or close to the ground.
  • Right hand on top of left
  • Slowly reach your right hand towards the ceiling and reach it as far away from your body as you can
    • Try to track your hand (or index finger) as it moves through the process
    • Make your sure left knee and left arm don't move from initial position, if they do you extended beyond your current mobility
  • Slowly move your hand/arm on the same path back towards starting position.
  • 2 count hold at each position
  • 12 reps, switch sides, 2 sets each side

Butterfly Groiners

  • Knees out wide, hands on the ground. Make sure your feet are in-line with your knees. 
  • Slowly push back your butt towards your heels.
  • Pause for 2 count and move back to start and pause for two count.
  • 12 Reps, 2 Sets

Knee Fallouts

  • Laying on your back, legs together and heels close to your butt
  • Drop right knee out to the side and keep left knee pointing straight up and hips stay flat on the ground
  • Pause for 2 count, and return to base position
  • Alternating legs, 12 reps each side, 2 sets